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Getting Started

In 2017 Jesse Ingham visited a Brick Show by HamLUG (Hamilton LEGO® User Group) being held at a local school in Te Puke.  Jesse was impressed by the exhibits and the amount of people turning out to see the show.  Jesse thought that a Brick Show for would be a great fundraising idea and contacted Claire Isham, a FOTS (Friends Of The School) member to discuss the possibility of holding a similar show for Tauranga Primary School.   Over the next few months  Jesse put out a call to local LEGO®  enthusiasts  and fans to come and display their collections and creations to the public. A small group of around 12+ were brought together.  A date was set for early June and after many months of planning the show went ahead with amazing success for Tauranga Primary and Jesse as the school had over 1600 visitors through the doors.  The Club was formed over the coming months  with the initial members regularly meeting and sharing builds.  Since then the Club has gone onto display at a number of other schools in the region.

Previously, we have had a display case in Toyworld Tauranga.  The owners are sponsors for the club.  We still do window displays in Toyworld Tauranga shop window for Easter & Christmas. This has allowed the public to see what the Club members are building and just how creative you can be with LEGO® it has also seen a large number of adults and teenagers alike join the LUG (LEGO® Users Group). We had Brickscene, a NZ Lego Youtube Channel come and check out the store and our display cabinet.

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